How to Keep Clients and Win New Business with Manzama: Gowling WLG UK Streamlines and Enhances Current Awareness for Optimal Competitive Intelligence

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It’s not new news. The information inundation age, combined with a need for more sophisticated intelligence has been bogging down legal firms. From a sea of online content, both Business Development and fee earners/lawyers need the most timely news to give them critical intelligence for their clients, and to spot opportunities to gain new business. The result: email alerts and news feeds clogging inboxes. Knowledge department staff struggling to keep up with demands for specialised searches and changing priorities. Overlaps and over-sharing of information often burying a critical piece of news or insight that could mean keeping–or losing–clients or business.

Faced with just these challenges, Gowling WLG UK sought a solution: Manzama’s industry-leading content search and sharing platform. Here’s how this large firm efficiently addressed common content management and current awareness issues –and simultaneously supercharged their competitive intelligence efforts.

Goal #1: Enhanced Intelligence and Efficiency

“I really like the daily reporting, which has already allowed me to follow up on key developments with clients and congratulate them on wins” – Partner, Gowling WLG

After its global merger, Gowling WLG Head of Digital and Innovation, Derek Southall, and Information Service Manager, Susanne Homer, recognised the capabilities and value of Manzama’s responsive intelligence platform to streamline the firm’s current awareness operations whilst expanding its access to, and quality of, information. Using Manzama, the firm could efficiently cast a broader, yet more specialised net to capture highly relevant content–simultaneously preventing information overload. Once implemented, individual user profiles and consolidated email alerts would deliver curated current awareness feeds from diverse, comprehensive sources.

Goal #2: Alerts Consolidation and Management

“We can be the first to contact our client with breaking news that affects their business.” – Head of Client Development, Gowling WLG

Previously, fee earners received many alerts for each company they were monitoring. With Manzama, they could create a single, consolidated email alert covering all of their clients, sectors, topics and interests. An improved process of managing current awareness allowed Gowling WLG to enhance their scope of competitive intelligence, through the creation of practice group alerts, and sharing knowledge with key clients via the firm’s Intranet industry updates.

Goal #3: Custom Content Curation and Sharing

With Manzama’s content-robust intelligence platform, users were able to create specialised group profiles, giving them the most up-to-date, relevant current awareness for their clients, topics and practice areas. Alerts were then sent to group members, notifying them of significant developments within their relevant areas of law. This not only increased lawyer/fee earner knowledge and expertise, but also improved knowledge sharing and departmental collaboration, through group updates shared on the firm’s Intranet.

Case by Case

The Gowling WLG case study is one of many firms recognising the importance of a user-friendly content management solution that can gain client’s trust, generate new business and increase efficiency with the most relevant news, responsive searches and simple sharing tools.

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