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It’s a known fact: a company that can work together enjoys the most success together. So, why can it be so challenging to team up with another department?

If you’re just kicking off collaboration between your legal marketing, business development or library teams, you may experience some common speed bumps, but don’t be deterred! It’s possible to build a collaborative climate that leads to greater success and value for everyone involved.

Here’s how you can help get your cross-departmental collaboration on the right road:

Develop processes and stick to them.

If you establish a plan, and the steps to achieve it, this clarifies roles and responsibilities and prevents blame-shifting.

Share the love.

It took two teams to produce this initiative. So, when receiving praise, make it a collaborative team win, and conversely, don’t throw the other team under the bus if issues come up. If there’s a breakdown in this courtesy, consider branding your work to let your contribution be known.

Be mindful of different personalities.

Let’s face it. Marketing and libraries can attract divergent personality types: A mix of introverts and extroverts. Stay sensitive to these differences. Find out how people like to work, and adapt your style to theirs. This improves team morale, and makes communication easier and more effective.

Seek synergy.

Each one of your departments brings something special and unique to the table. Valuing and combining your strengths will help you surpass your weaknesses.

You may need to give it a few tries to make it all work, but when it does, your departments and firm will be better for it!


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