Mindset, Moments, Moves and Meaning…


Can you believe it’s been a month since the LMA Conference? Time seems to fly by faster and faster with each passing year.

Our team at Manzama had a great conference. Patrick Wells, our most senior client services manager, was a first-timer this year, and enjoyed getting to meet so many of the people whose names and voices he has known for years! For Mark Hinkle, Chris Kessler and me, it was a chance to reconnect with old friends and great clients, and to meet a whole bunch of fantastic new people.

Among my many “aha” moments during the sessions I was able to attend in between stints in our booth, the most striking came right at the beginning, during the keynote. Listening to Deloitte CMO Diana O’Brien talk about both her professional and personal life, and the challenges she has faced in both, was illuminating. For most of us, those lives intersect, yet few of us talk about it. I was struck by her candor and by the way she wove the stories together. I was also struck by the intersection between her main themes:

Mindset, Moments, Moves and Meaning…

…and of course Manzama.

When Diana talked about how the foundation of a marketing mindset is thinking of the client first and how as marketers “(y)our job is to help create those moments that matter” for clients who may be experiencing a challenge and feeling uncertainty – all I could think was YES! That’s what we here at Manzama are focused on helping you to do every day.

Simply put, with Manzama you can…

  • Proactively keep abreast of the news about your clients – Mindset
  • Know what’s happening with them, their competitors, in their industry or their market, to know when they are experiencing challenges or successes, or changes to their organization – Moments
  • Use that information to engage: maybe a quick email or phone call to the client directly, a post to LinkedIn or Twitter – Moves
  • Build strong(er) relationships, create powerful experiences, and deliver unique insights – Meaning

Let us show you how we can we help. Simply request a demo or contact us at sales@manzama.com.


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